Research Chatter

Conversation with Chris M. About People Research

May 2009 2:15 PM till who knows when. We talked about Systematic Deployment.

Chris was with Vision 5/9 from 2005 to 2007 when he compared the Joshua Project list and IMB list.

State of Gospel Team in the Muslim World
This became Global Trends (GT)
They all agreed that Vision 5/9 wouldn’t manage a list BUT they couldn’t choose one list.

They were going take on all the Muslim world but since they couldn’t decide between the CPPI and JP list they went on a priority of Muslim groups over 100,000.

This process stimulated a lot a discussion about the problems with the HIS ROP and also how to get field data and this started the Skype calls with the Confluence list is what this was called.

When the CPPI did this process they saw that their ROPs were in a mess.

When Dan found this, Surrogate ROP Code – when they could visually see that the CPPI and JP were referring to the same people he came to the conclusion that they couldn’t merge the lists and they should one.

Two sets of good data merged together make one set of bad data.

Jeff L. got field people together to look at the Confluence list and refine it.

Then when they got the confluence list together they brought in the WCD and the HIS list.

Chris produced the final Access database and documented all the procedures and handed it over to the IMB and thinks it is still being used.

I don’t know whither or not there is enough desire or preparedness to make a people list.

Within a fraction of his time,, It has been negotiated Sas giving him about 8 jobs over 6 months

JIMI – Joint Information Management Initiative
JIMI is for Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Mission Alliance
Focus is on Regional Mission movements like COMIBAM and National movements like COMIMEX.

If the national movements can share information with the regional movements we can see great improvements.

Meta Jobs

Facilitate is community of mission information workers (Chris’s Idea)

Social needs, project need – a better match between the needs of the world and the resourced of the church.
Map a sample of mission information flow (Chris’ Idea)
People group data.
Helping to get together to talk about information. 

Dave has looked way beyond what information can do. You need to see who the customer of the information.

The revelation of a disconnect is as important as the revelation of a connect.

Connecting people to each other who gather transform or disseminate information we will see problems resolved. If we can do this it would bring the HIS into quite sharp focus.

Chris D’s GMINET is a place to do this.