Small People Groups Are The Priority

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What Should The Unreached Peoples Priority Be? To know, one needs to look closely at the different world people databases. Most of us would agree that the focus should be unreached peoples, but which ones? Let’s average the numbers of ethnic peoples of the different databases for simplicity. EXAMINING MAJOR DATABASES, THE AVERAGE NUMBER IS PROBABLY […]


What To Do With Unclear UPG Data

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I receive many emails from the circle of researchers dealing with unreached people groups. In these emails I see something fairly often. Decisions are being made about the people group data from the research office where I believe that field data is needed to confirm that decision first. I have some experience with this as I work both […]


Discipling Young Leaders

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Remember back in the mid 90’s when they told us we need to be training and discipling young leaders? The premise was that there was a crisis of leadership worldwide. There were too few leaders and that it was going to get worse as we moved into the future. It’s happening because the older generation […]