Looking Back At How God Called Table 71 Into Existence

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I remember as if it were yesterday the Amsterdam 2000 meetings. I was facilitating a small group seated at Table 71 in the middle of a room of 600 missions executives and strategists. We were considering a special part of the challenge of fulfilling the Great Commission – getting things started in the remaining unengaged, […]


Should We Add New Terms To The UPG Task?

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Original email to everyone – We know that Paul introduced the term “unengaged” at Cape Town 2010, and others have begun using it. I do not think it is the best term, and prefer less-reached, or un-reached. It translates better into, at least, Spanish and Portuguese. Paul, for strategic purposes, has focused primarily only on […]


Stats for Unengaged Unreached People Groups

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Here are the latest stats for Unengaged Unreached People Groups – UUPG currently 2939 w/300,955,026 pop. Approximately 2441 have no Bible translation, written or oral. 1,432 full time workers now w/original 639 list w/2,592 part time or vocational workers. If we get one worker for each 50,000 in all unreached people groups over 50,000 we […]


Newly Identified People Groups in Pakistan

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When researchers talk about new people groups, they are not new but have always been there. They just have not been identified. This is a comment from one researcher about Pakistan which has increased in the number of identified peoples from 389 to 455. So 66 newly identified peoples are added to the missionary task. […]