Research Chatter

CMIW January 2014

Recently one of our community members was interviewed by the Global Community of Information Workers. Here is the PDF Download link and David M’s feedback to them.

My feedback on the new CMIW. Thank you for putting my interview in this issue with this topic!

I agree with Bob W. We need more national permanent research functions gathering information on who, where, what, why, and when = unreached people groups. Why because they are unreached, when, right now. I am pretty sure he is talking about unreached people group research. I had about fifteen emails to him last year talking about getting national research functions going.

I agree with Jim H. that we have good information that we have not acted on yet. Why more research? Good point. We have pretty solid information on about 3,500 of the 7,000 UPGs (7,286 J Projects new figure). We need obedience to those 3,500 we know about. So what is the holdup? It may be that what we need to do is get it translated into other languages other than English. This helps to engage those who are left out of the loop of world evangelism because they don’t speak English. Etnopedia is helping that process, we have about 7,000 profiles in languages other than English now. You could use Google translate but that does not get the national language speakers involved in mobilization. It can also be dangerous. We have recently added about 350 profiles in Mandarin.

Jim H. also says something like “No one is interested in training or meetings about information they cannot apply to their task.” I completely agree. We need profiles as mobilization tools and editable profiles as a tool to track Christian status indicators at the field level in the local language i.e. Mandarin. This helps people apply it to their task.

The three most important pieces of information to all Christians are
1. The ethnic group (a name),
2. Where they are located and
3. Their status of Evangelical Christianity. All the rest is good stuff but these are the most vital.

These are the most relevant to most UPG focused church planting efforts. If mission information workers can get these, the Church will eventually do the rest. The church is doing much now and even without good information, However if we can get this information to the church planters it will only help to speed the process.

I was in a three day meeting a while back and calculated the number of souls that will parish before Christ’s return at the current rate we are sending missionaries to unreached people groups. That rate was a figure I got from a J Project team member.

We will lose an estimated 32 billion souls before Jesus returns because we either do not send missionaries, or we continue to send missionaries to the masses within a major religion or to countries instead of specific unreached people groups.