Compilation Of Prayer Resources By Location Of Focus

This is a compilation of many links to prayer resources from gathered at the Tokyo2010 meeting.

American Bible Society Circle of Prayer – Uniting the world with the power of prayer. 

Anglican Frontier Missions – People group profiles for prayer. 

Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project – Focused prayer on language groups still waiting for God’s Word in their language. 

Ethne – The Ethne vision is: “peoples joining together to glorify God among all peoples.” The purpose of Ethne is to energize continuing initiatives among the “one-fourth world” or 27% of the world which has almost no access to the Gospel… Vivid Prayer profiles are given of people groups within countries to help you pray effectively! 

Etnopedia – A wiki, editable database of people group profiles in over 12 languages, including prayer points.  

Every Home for Christ – Serving the Church to reach every home on earth with the Gospel.  

Generals International – Reformation prayer network, prophetic words, and spiritual warfare.  

Global Harvest Ministries – GHM has developed several vehicles for helping the body of Christ flow with divine paradigm shifts, especially in the areas of strategic prophetic intercession, deliverance, prophecy, power ministries, the New Apostolic Reformation, marketplace ministries, and spiritual transformation. (C Peter Wagner)  

Global Mapping International – Global Mapping International is a non-profit corporation dedicated to furthering the cause of world evangelization through digital mapping, information resources and mission research.  

Global Prayer Connection is an international collaborative project by prayer and technology leaders working to connect people in prayer worldwide. It is offering a free service for everyone who believes in the power of prayer. In an effort to provide a safe and secure environment, access is granted by invitation only.  

Global Prayer Digest – The Global Prayer Digest is a unique devotional booklet. Daily prayer for that still-unfinished task is at the heart of the Adopt-A-People movement. Condensed missionary stories, biblical challenges, urgent reports, and exciting descriptions of unreached peoples provide a digest of rich fuel for your own times of prayer for the world.  

Gospel Communications – has become the most popular Christian website in the world. includes over 300 individual online ministries working to use technology and the Internet to reach the world with the message of Jesus Christ.  

Greater Calling Ministry – Greater Calling Ministry, a division of Harvest Prayer Ministries, seeks to unite people in simultaneous prayer over the phone, also offering free services.  

Harvest Prayer Ministries – Equipping the local church to become a house of prayer for all nations.  

Intercessors Arise International – Training and resources to develop mission-oriented intercession.  

Intercessors Network – Excellent prayer and mission-focused news from around the world for prayer.  

Intercessory Prayer Ministry International – US and worldwide prayer networking and information.  

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) is a global day of intercession for persecuted Christians worldwide. Its primary focus is the work of intercessory prayer and citizen action on behalf of persecuted communities of the Christian faith.  

International Prayer Connect – Compelled by God to seek Christ’s glory worldwide for the blessing, healing and transforming of the nations, International Prayer Connect exists as a coalition of prayer networkers and mobilizers working together to motivate, develop and equip national movements and local churches to fill all nations with prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the completion of the Great Commission.  

Internet Prayers – Free online prayer support forums.  

Joel News International – Get in touch with what God is doing world-wide—news and prayer items.  

Joshua Project – Bringing definition to the Unfinished Task – the mission and passion of Joshua Project is to identify and highlight the people groups of the world that have the least exposure to the Gospel and the least Christian presence in their midst.  

Just Pray No! – Prayer for the Addicted – Make a personal commitment to pray for the addicted.
Learn how groups can participate in our annual prayer event.
Find help for addiction through prayer and Christian ministries.  

Lydia Prayer Fellowship International – Women’s prayer network with local, regional and international branches focused on prayer flowing from scripture meditation.  

Navpress Prayer Resources – Spiritual Growth and Prayer resources.  

New Relevant Website – Providing news to pray for our brothers and sisters in difficult circumstances.  

Operation World – The primary purpose of Operation World is PRAYER! Operation world has the vision to provide the Body of Christ with the latest prayer information on every country on earth.  

Peoples Around the World – Prayer information for the world’s peoples by affinity block.  

Power of Connecting – Helping God’s People work together. Developing strategic international Christian Networks focused on high impact opportunities for world evangelization. Kingdom Collaboration  

Pray at 7 – Prayer regarding the Great Commission, Revival and for the persecuted Church  

Prayer Cast – Content and media rich profiles for countries.  

Prayer Central – Offering online tools and equipping and coaching intercessors.  

Prayer Guard – Free online customizable prayer tool to guide through three-minute scripture-based prayers as a resource for ministers and missionaries as well as people groups, regions and nations.  

Prayer Week – Organizing the Body of Christ to pray during set ‘Weeks of Prayer’ – go prayer walking, do prayer teaching, encourage children and youth, have a prayer picnic, go on a prayer drive, etc. Believe for God to heal, restore, and impact lives. Can also place online prayer requests on the website.  

The Network for Strategic Missions – Up-to-date prayer requests for different countries are posted here.  

The Pioneers Project, with prayer resources – Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.  

The Prayer Guide – Answers to questions on Christian prayer and intercession.  

The Persecuted Church – Website supporting the persecuted church. Include SOS Prayer Alerts – up to date prayer requests for intercessors.  

Thirty-second-kneel-down Prayer Revolution – Join thousands of students across the nations who have committed to carry their passion for Christ to the hallways of their schools and campuses.  

Videos on Prayer Online – Watch the following videos online by clicking on the following link:
International Prayer Council Website  

Awaken the Watchmen (English or Arabic)
Mobilising the Watchmen
Youth Prayer
Children in Prayer (Adults’ or Children’s Versions)
Global Day of Prayer 2008 (English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese)
Global Day of Prayer 2007 (English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese)
Globalizing Prayer, Transforming Our World
Transformational Prayer for Children

Magdalena: Jesus Film for Women
The History of the Prayer Movement 1970 – 2008

Vision Synergy – Developing strategic international Christian networks focused on high impact opportunities for world evangelization. Accelerate world evangelization among the neediest and most unreached by empowering the global Church’s commitment to Kingdom collaboration, particularly in selected high impact sectors.  

WayMakers – Preparing God’s way by prayer. WayMakers is a mobilization ministry focused on seeing Christ glorified by obedient, worshiping movements in every people group.  

Wycliffe International Prayer Network – Weekly prayer and praise updates from around the world.  

10/40 WINDOW  

Window International Network – Transforming 10/40 window nations through the power of prayer.  


Asia Harvest Profiles – Newsletter option, people group profiles for Asian countries, etc.  


Global Day of Prayer for Burma (Myanmar) – Pray for the nation of Burma (Myanmar) and its peoples.  

SE Asian Peoples – Prayer requests and resources for peoples and nations in this region.  


Japan Prayer Network – Prayer network for Japan and her peoples.  

Pray for China – A prayer calendar designed to glorify God by enabling intercessors to pray for the needs of the Chinese people, strategically, comprehensively and specifically.  

Pray for North Korea – Pray for North Korea 2007 a call to urgent prayer against the devastating darkness oppressing North Korea. Repression of the gospel, violent persecution & idolatry make North Korea a key prayer priority for the worldwide Church. Join us to raise an anthem of prayer to see the walls of darkness and idolatry fall and the love and light of the gospel flood the nation.  


Day of Prayer for Revival in India – Calling prayer warriors around the world to focus the light and power of GOD; onto One Country, on One Day for One Miracle – REVIVAL  

Days of Prayer for Nepal – Pray for the nation of Nepal and its peoples  

Gospel for Asia – Planting churches among the most unreached.  

South Asian Peoples – Downloadable prayer guides for religious blocs and other issues for South Asia.  



Afghan Prayer Patrol – This daily e-mail prayer prompt mobilizes prayer for the people, troops, leaders of Afghanistan.  

Arise Shine Morocco – Pray for Morocco and her peoples.  

Baghdad Prayer Patrol – This daily e-mail prayer prompt mobilizes prayer for the people, the troops, and the police of Baghdad.  

Cry Out Now: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq – Prayer resources for the Fertile Crescent.  

Day of Prayer for Turkey – Join to pray for Turkey, the cradle of the Early Church, but today less than 0.1% are followers of Jesus Christ.  

40 Days of Fasting and Prayer for Iran – Ongoing prayer for Iran and her peoples, including prayer for Maryam and Marzieh, two imprisoned women believers.  

Iran Prayer Guide – Prayer guide for Iran and her peoples. Discover, pray, transform…  

Iraq Prayer Initiative – This website has been launched to mobilise churches throughout the world to pray for an end to the violence in Iraq, focusing on these 10 most violent cities, including the 9 districts of Baghdad.  

Light for Libya – Pray for Libya and her peoples.  

Praying through the Arabian Peninsula – National believers along with Christian workers invite you to pray with them to see evangelism increased and the Church planted among the local people in the Arabian Peninsula  

Revive Tunisia – Prayer for the nation of Tunisia and its peoples.  

Turkish World Outreach – News and prayer information on Turkey and ministry to Turkic peoples.  


SIM People Group Profiles – People group profiles for prominent African groups.  

Transformation Africa – AFRICA FOR CHRIST Transforming Africa through Repentance and United Prayers as we mobilise the Body of Christ and all spheres of society, community by community, nation by nation with the full Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Pray for Somalia – A Year of Prayer for Somalia  

The Ultimate Goal – The Ultimate Goal (TUG) is a project of SASCOL (South African Sports Coalition) and is the outreach initiative taking place during June and July 2010. TUG is a network of local and international churches, para-church organisations and ministries all working together on one common goal: to bring hope and change to South Africa.  

Turn to God – Suid-Afrika, draai terug na God! – We dream that every member will be a follower of Jesus, who will make followers of Jesus. The target is to reach 10 million people in 10 years with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to turn them into His disciples.  


Purposeful Africa – Prayer profiles for countries of West Africa including other prayer topics.  

Go West Africa – Prayer requests and people group profiles from West Africa.  


Pray Europe – Prayer information for European nations and peoples.  

Ethne Europe Network Website – Connected to the global Ethne movement, this regional network focuses on the remaining least-reached peoples of Europe and beyond.  



Pray for Denmark – Fueled by the faith of Danes everywhere, a weblog for those who have a heart for the spiritual condition of Denmark and want to pray that Jesus will revive His Church here…  

Pray for France –21 days of prayer to change the nation of France:  the center of Western Europe, 30% aetheist, less than 1% evangelical.   

Pray Malta – Pray for Malta and her peoples.  


Hollywood Prayer Website – “Surf’s Up”, the Hollywood Prayer Initiative- remember to pray for the thousands of film distributors from throughout the world coming to Santa Monica, California this next week, November 5-12. Pray that they may encounter Jesus Christ through those showing them wholesome films, witnessing to and praying with them. The organizing team needs your prayer support for their encouragement, protection and all the arrangements being made and for a united, anointed prayer initiative. May their efforts be used of the Lord to bring His people in the entertainment industry together in closer cooperation and result in the ultimate transformation of this powerful global gate of media. The schedule for the initiative and other information is on the website if you are interested to know more or to be on site with us.  

Mission America Coalition – In John 17:21, it’s recorded that Jesus prayed for unity among His followers so that the world might believe that the Father had sent the Son. We believe that the Mission America Coalition (MAC) is one testimony to that prayer – as leaders from across the country come together for the purpose of evangelism.  

National Pastor’s Prayer Network – City Impact Stories, Strategic Prayer Ideas & Initiatives, Resources, etc.  

The Annual National Day of Prayer First Thursday of May – The National Day of Prayer Task Force’s mission is to communicate with every individual the need for personal repentance and prayer, mobilizing the Christian community to intercede for America and its leadership in the five centers of power: Church, Education, Family, Government and Media.  

U.S. Prayer Center – Discipling nations by equipping leaders. Linked to for prayer and counseling.  



The Bible Gateway – More than 70 different language versions of the Bible available online with search capabilities by key word, topic, and reference.  

King James Version in audio format – The King James Version (Authorised version) is available in MP3 audio format as a free download.  


Concert of Prayer – Their mission is to mobilize pastors and leaders into movements of united prayer, church growth, and global compassion.  


24-7 Prayer – 24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice that began with a single, student-led prayer vigil in Chichester, England in 1999 and has spread, by word-of-mouth, into 100+ nations.  

Awaken the Watchmen 24/7 Prayer – Resources for establishing 24/7 prayer watches.  

Austin House of Prayer – A community of Christians (youth and churches in Austin, Texas, USA) praying towards reconciliation, focusing 24/7 prayer.  

Community Prayer: Matjhabeng House of Prayer – Vision: We want to see our community transformed by the power of prayer. Mission: Establishing the four altars of prayer – personal, home, church, community. Addressing the needs of the community.  

Friends of the Bridegroom – International House of Prayer  

Global 24/7 – Register your 24/7 prayer watch here! This website focuses on awakening the watchmen internationally to pray night and day. Information includes Watch models, practical guidelines, testimonies, etc.  

International House of Prayer – 24 hour a day intercessory worship and prayer, including tools.  

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network – Mobilizing the global church as a house of prayer for all nations.  

Luke 18 Project – Prayer Furnace Network – The Luke18 Project Prayer Furnace Network is designed to connect like-minded men and women who currently lead or desire to plant a prayer furnace. This network will facilitate communication among the leaders in the prayer movement that share common values and beliefs and also equip leaders to establish and sustain prayer furnaces.  


4/14 Window Global Initiative – Raising awareness of this 4 to 14 age group for prayer and ministry.  

Campus America – Raising up prayer on every college campus in America.  

An Open door into your heart – Website focused on the most vulnerable children in the world, with access to a Prayer Magazine and a Prayer Diary with daily requests  

Childrens’ Prayer Network – Mobilizing and networking praying kids.  

Children’s Prayer Network, South Africa – Our passion is prayer. Our focus is CHILDREN.  

Kids’ Prayer Network – Resource for praying kids as well as for teaching kids to pray.  

See you at the Pole – See You at the Pole™ is simply a starting place and an opportunity for you to pause and unite with others, pleading for God to do a mighty work in your midst. It is very simple!—Be still. Know God.  

Viva – together for children – are working with more than 8,000 projects through 43 Christian networks to develop their quality, unity, and impact, bringing them together to offer the best possible care to over 1 million children around the world. Viva Pray encourages people all over the world to intercede together for children at risk.  

Youth – Non-stop Prayer Across the Nations  



Arabic Bible – The Arabic Bible Book of Life is a Modern Standard Arabic translation of the Bible. Arab theologians and linguists began working on the translation in 1973 and the New Testament was published 1982, the full Bible following in 1988. This website also links you to other Arabic resources.  




30 Days of Prayer for Hindus – 30 Day Prayer Guide annually for Hindu peoples.  



FFM Prayer Bulletin – Empasis on Muslims; alternate website  

‘Islameyat’ Website – Website addressing Islamic and Christian issues and much more!  

The 30-days Prayer Network – join the millions of Christians around the world who have participated in this largest ongoing international prayer focus on the Muslim world.  


Global Day of Prayer for Tibet and Tibetans – Quarterly prayer bulletins focused on Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhists, plus annual Global Day of Prayer for Tibet and Tibetans May 30.  

One Billion Wait – Over one billion people live in the shadow of Buddhism. Resources to better pray, share and go to them with Good News.  


Jewish Prayer Guide – Prayer guide to praying for Jews and for peace in Jerusalem.  



Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelization  

21 Days of Prayer for France 

Global Day of Prayer for Burma (Myanmar)  

IPMI 2010 Twenty-One Days Fast  

Women’s World Day of Prayer  


April 18 – Day of Prayer for Turkey  

40 Days of Prayer for Nepal  


Global Day of Prayer for Tibet and Tibetans by email  


Pentecost Sunday                     

Global Day of Prayer (includes also ten days of prayer and fasting leading up to Pentecost Sunday and 90 days of blessing following)   


International Day of Prayer for the Maltese People 



International Day of Prayer for Peace  

Light for Libya  


International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem  


International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church   


30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World