Research Chatter

Conversation With Chris M. On Global Research Coordination pt. 1

October 26th, 2009
Question from Chris M. “What do you think about facilitating a global community of mission information workers?”

Response: It can only work if field and regional people involved. These are usually three parties.

Field missionaries
Field researcher
Field/Local mobilizers

In the beginning, the field researchers and/or field missionaries create a framework by which the mobilizer builds. I suggest profiles because they are good tools for data gathering and also needed for mobilization.

The mobilizer is the key person because the field researcher and missionary usually don’t have time to develop these tools. The mobilizers have the vision and motivation and time to maintain the accuracy of the unreached people information  (mainly, which groups are reached and which ones are not).

These profiles are beneficial to all three parties. However they are used primarily in the mobilization of new candidates going into unreached peoples. There are many new candidates emerging, but statistically they are not focused on unreached peoples.

Chris mentions two networks that are functioning:

1. Lausane Researchers Network
2. International Conference on Computing and mission. ICCM