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Fight the Distractions

How does spiritual (negative) warfare come? In my experience it mainly comes in the form of discouragement. Secondly, it comes in the form of distractions. Every kind of distraction will come to keep you from moving even an inch forward. The enemy does not want us to create and translate unreached people information. Every profile is taking back one more piece of territory from the uninformed Christians’ mind. Even the existence of Etnopedia creates awareness in the Christian that there are unreached tribes with no access to the Gospel. So the enemy does not want people to even know about your profiles.

I find it best to choose a good time and work until I have met my goal. You need to find out what time of day is best for you to avoid them. For some people it is early morning, for others late evening. But this isn’t always enough. The phone rings, someone is on chat, your email bell rings. Close all other programs and close out all other distractions. Most people will not consider what you do very important, but the unreached people you are profiling is waiting on missionaries to come to them. They will think it was important that you translated your profile today. You need to know to that the western missionary movement is rapidly declining. Fewer and fewer missionaries go from the west every year, and when they do go, they do not stay long enough to really make an impact. That’s what the statistics tell us. So your profiles in other languages are very valuable to the missionary movement.

Tips to avoid distractions.

1. Shut your door and lock it. Tell your family when they see the door shut it means you are busy.
2. Use ear plugs if there is a lot of noise around. Sometimes I even ware them in public to dampen the noise level. Noise takes energy our of your brain.
3. Get a good night’s rest. Sometimes when I haven’t rested I can’t even begin to work on profiles because it is so intense. If you keep working when you haven’t rested you will be open to discouragement.
4. The battle against thoughts is in the mind. When a distracting thought comes in, push it out. What ever is true, noble, right, pure.. Exchange the distraction with a good thought.
5. Don’t think about the lost-ness of the world. Keep pushing these thoughts out of your mind. They are for when you are ready to pray, not while working on unreached people information. You will become discouraged if you keep meditating on how lost the world is. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
6. Choose a time to work when there are fewer distractions. This could differ depending on your schedule.
7. Try working with our without music. I find that sometimes I can’t work while music is on, unless it is very mild. Other people can’t work without it.
8. Don’t get in a hurry, this will make you nervous and you will also get discouraged.
9. Have ergonomic workspace. You need a good chair, keyboard and mouse. Your battle is difficult enough. You don’t need to be battling your keyboard too.
10. Take frequent breaks. Get up and move around a bit, go outside, walk around. Checking email is not a break.
11. Have some scriptures on the wall that are encouraging to you.
12. If you feel your self getting tired, shut down. This is a long term ministry. It will not get done even in a few years. You will create more profiles in the long run if you don’t burn out.
13. Share your struggles with the community. We will pray for you. Not many people will really understand what you are doing much less listen to your struggles. This is also something we have to keep out of our mind.
14. Talk to the Lord, He understands you better than any other and will comfort you.