Ethne Vision

Ethnê: The Body of Christ Together Into the One-Fourth World – VISION: Making the phrase “unreached people groups” a concept of the past in the realm of Christian missions.

The Ethnê Initiative seeks to accelerate the momentum for ministry to unreached peoples of the world through creating an arena for on-going global relationships and strategy development. Responding to the Cry of the One-Fourth World. After more than 25 years of specific emphasis on the unreached, over 27% of the world still has almost no access to hear or experience the Good News of Christ. Much progress was made in world evangelization over the previous generation, yet today many Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and other unreached peoples still number in the millions. Unless major strategic changes are brought about soon, mission researchers are predicting that in 2050, there still will likely remain hundreds of ethnic groups (representing hundreds of millions of people) with little or no access to the Gospel and no pioneering work among them. Some people have described these areas as the church-forsaken places of the world. Collaboration, prayer and effective strategy are the very tools God has given the Body of Christ to address the urgent challenges of these church-forsaken places. We have the willingness and opportunity to harness new international energy sources for mission, clarify the task, mobilize new resources, and catalyze partnering initiatives among the unreached – until there are no more unreached cultures. It’s the vision of God’s bountiful harvest in our day beyond what we can imagine or even ask for.