Etnopedia News


Etnopedia has grown significantly since the last update. We have been so busy it has been difficult to do updates. However, the Etnopedia is stronger than ever and growing.In the past few years we have added other community members that are now translating into Russian, Portuguese, and Mandarin.

We also have new members working in the main Etnopedia offices. Two young men are helping full time to prepare maps and profile information for translation into other languages.

The German Etnopedia community has broken the 5,000 mark and the Spanish community has broken the 3,000 profile mark. These are significant bodies of unreached people group information that server very large mission movements.

The goal of the Etnopedia community has stayed the same; provide unreached people group information in as many languages as possible for free.

We also have a new mapping system that allows the community to make people group maps from any part of the world. Each map on the people profile also shows surrounding people groups because the people group polygons are all part of one layer. This system took 18 months to develop.

Example of interactive map.

We have recently also finished a 20 month project to update all the people group evangelical status indicators from four major sources. This was done on the basis of a new addition to the Etnopedia status indicator Totally Unreached. This shows where there are no reported or known Evangelical Christians. The status of less than 2% evangelicals is still Unreached on Etnopedia. However we believe that it is important to show Totally Unreached status as most of the people groups in the world are smaller in population. See

The community is looking for members who can donate their time to help the Evangelical Christian body of Christ have up-to-date information in their own language.

Since the year 2012, almost 1,200 new people groups have been added to the world people group lists (different groups on different lists), This will take about a year to sort out and get them into the Etnopedia for profiling. But, it will be worth it as the majority of these new groups are Totally Unreached.