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Hello everyone. We finally have implemented the cell phone version templates on the English portal of Etnopedia! We are doing this on the English portal first. The other portal community members have the choice of implementing the cell phone versions if they want. We should be done with the English portal in two months. 

The English portal needs to be cell phone friendly as it is the hub portal that others translate from their own language.  Then, those language portals can choose to have a more visually appealing profile as opposed to cell phone friendly version if they choose to. 

The cell phone version is slightly different. It does not have a colored header nor the basic data on the right-hand side of the photo. Other than that the changes are minor. The colored headers represent affinity blocs which are hardly spoken of in the mission movement.

  • The advantages of using the cell phone version template are significant. The profiles using that template will be forever viewable on all devices, no matter how much the web or devices change in the future. They are also super fast for cell phone users. 
  • Another advantage of the cell phone version is that the wiki code is much simpler to deal with for translators. 

If you wish to switch to the cell phone version follow the template found on the first 100 profiles on the English portal. 

The new cell phone friendly template in this code.,_Kophe

Changes To Cell Phone Friendly Profiles

  • The colored header and HTML code used in the header needed for a table was removed. It cannot be shown correctly on a cell phone without scrolling.
  • The smaller gray font used on the dates was removed, it is extra code that is unnecessary.
  • The Unreached categories are removed because the future of the country page will show the reached status on the profile link. Example
  • All statistics are moved to the Discussion tab as we are now implementing data and reached status from various research movement databases. 
  • Unnecessary links to other websites are removed, to save on code and also because many sites are no longer available on the Internet or have changed URL’s. 
  • The article class system (B Class Article etc.) has been removed. It is one more system of categories that did not seem to help us much. It was not adopted by other communities on Etnopedia. 
  • We are also removing some rarely used templates such as {{Stub-Class}}, {{No Profile-Class}}, {{Unconfirmed_People}}. They were not used enough to be part of the system a new translator has to learn. We are however keeping {{Disambiguation}} for use on people groupings (clusters). We also are keeping the {{Merge}} template as many people groups have disappeared from major research efforts databases as they have been combined or merged back into the language group. 
  • We are also removing the [[Category:Unreached peoples by name]]  because this category will also no longer be needed as the new country pages will display reached status. 

Please take into consideration these changes when making new profiles. They will save time and loading speed on smaller devices. 


Many blessings in Christ to the Etnopedia Community,

Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. New International Version (NIV)