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Hello all the portal team members of Etnopedia. I thought that there were so many important things in this email that I should send it to all those currently working on Etnopedia.

Capitol Letters in Edit Summaries:

If you update the English portal please add CAPITOL LETTERS in the summary. By doing this, we then know to update the Spanish portal and other portals. One day there will be too many portals for us to update the other languages.

Profile of an Etnopedia team member:

The more that I think about it, maybe it is not so bad that the language portal teams aren’t big, because even if you have two or three people, eventually you will have 1,000 profiles in a year. We all still should pray for more people, but it took two of us four years to translate 2000 profiles in Spanish.

Also I think the profile of the person who works on Etnopedia is a person who does not have any other ministry or hats. It seems that they are people who work a lot at their computer and maybe like to work alone. I have probably worked with 30 or 40 people on Etnopedia now. Some stay for a while and most go after a short time. Some are looking for money too and only do one or two profiles. I don’t think we should ever pay anyone to work on Etnopedia.

God will bring the right people. Some may only stay for a while because it is hard work, especially after a few years. So I think we need to be praying for those people who do not have any other ministry but have the burden for Unreached peoples. I have asked many people to help who already have other ministries and not one of them has the time. They really shouldn’t help, they should focus on their other ministries and visions. So I don’t ask people with ministries to help on Etnopedia anymore. I don’t think they even have time to promote Etnopedia much. I also think that God does all things in His timing and we should trust that the RIGHT people will come along at the right time for each portal. You and Openhaven are clearly the right people for the German portal. This is a blessing and privilege to have you and the others you have brought to the team.
I think the Spanish portal has recent visits because I have been traveling and promoting it in many events.

About Visitors to Etnopedia:

I find that many people are interested in missions but there is a disconnect between “missions” and “unreached peoples”. However at one time, when Etnopedia was only in Spanish, we had articles on many subjects related to missions. We thought that these articles would draw people into Etnopedia and then the people would become interested in unreached peoples. We had all kinds of articles; “Persecution of Christians”, “How Many People Groups Are There” etc.. All these articles were with statistics like this. Sadly, these articles had literally thousands of page visits, and the profiles had only 10 or 15 visits. So this is why I decided to take them off.

When people visit Etnopedia I think it is for a few reasons:

They are looking for statistics on missions and when they don’t find them, they go away.

They are looking for purely Unreached People information “at the people level” to take action.

They are interested in praying for peoples (maybe in a certain country)

They are missionary candidates looking for peoples to reach

They are missions leaders looking for a set of peoples to promote in their organization for reaching.

This second group of people is whom I really think Etnopedia serves. Those people who are interested in taking action toward the unreached. Not those looking for statistics or articles. I do hope all people everywhere visit Etnopedia at least once so that they know what it is about and so that when they do need this information, they know where to go. Of the total visits to Etnopedia, probably only 1% are members of the second group. But maybe one more unreached people will be reached as a result. One more missionary candidate knows where he or she is going. This 1% will probably will not change much, even when Etnopedia is well known. Christians are just not interested in unreached peoples (the things of God, in my opinion). They are more interested in their perception of what they think is missions. The statistics show that in all the giving and sending in missions only about 2% gets to the unreached. So I guess we can expect about the same fruit from Etnopedia. I pray Etnopedia changes this among the emerging global south missionary movement.

Joshua Project Links

We are linking our profiles to Joshua Project and they put the Etnopedia link on their prayer cards. This comes from an agreement we made with Joshua Project     when I was there last year, we are happy to see this too!

Operation World Mentions Etnopedia

Silas says that in the new edition of Operation World will be a short comment about Etnopedia. I will try that this also will come into the German translation. This is also wonderful!

Take care!