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Hello Everyone, I am sending out news to all the team members now to keep everyone informed as to what is happening on Etnopedia!

The German team Completes 1,000 people profiles:

Congratulations everyone on the German portal team! Special thanks go to Silas and Openhaven for all your administrative work and guidance. You also are doing many translations as well as others. If I am correct there have been about 8 people helping at one time or another on the German portal. This is a great accomplishment. The largest profile project in history before Etnopedia was the Bethany Prayer Profiles. There were 1,260 Bethany people profiles (not counting the duplicates). So the German portal team has done something very special. Not only for Germany but for many other countries around the world where German is spoken. May many unreached peoples receive Christ due to the efforts of the German portal team!

New Servers Running:

We are now running smoothly on our new servers. I was a bit of a nervous time but The Lord was faithful and everything was migrated to the new servers fine. We also have more speed and memory for the same price so we are blessed. Thank you all for your patience and prayers.

New Facebook Page:

4JC has added a new facebook page so that those of you who have a facebook account can promote Etnopedia to your friends. This is another means by which we can promote Etnopedia and the need for missionaries to go to the unreached!
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New data from several countries:

This past two months we have received new information from two sources on peoples in Cambodia, Ethiopia and 4 other countries. We are trying to get these new peoples into English so that they can be translated. This is data from the field researchers and missionaries. We are praying that these are also updated by them. I have been working on the peoples of Cambodia and am almost finished. There are new peoples that I don’t see on other research so this is good for these peoples to be known.

Etnopedia Team News Mailing List:

Please let me know if there are others that are on your portal teams that want to receive this newsletter. The list is by invitation only, so invite only those working on the Etnopedia project. I just want to be sure to get everyone the Etnopedia Team News so send me email addressed of those you know want the news letter to with the subject ADD EMAIL TO ETNOPEDIA TEAM NEWS. Send REMOVE ME if you don’t want the emails. If you want to see the old newsletters I am posting them to the Forum under Etnopedia Team News: Etnopedia Team News

Guide on Summary Notes:


We are always trying to refine our process on Etnopedia. It is important that we are all communicating to one another across the portals. This takes time to learn but once we do, each portal can update new information from the English portal. So we should learn a little and as much as possible update information from our portal to the English portal. The German portal has done much research and has done a wonderful job of updating the English portal as well. This way everyone benefits from new information. This is what makes Etnopedia Unique.

See examples by visiting the Recent Changes link on the left menu.

You can see here that Openhaven from the German portal team has updated the people profile with the COUNTRY ADDED and new language assignment from the Ethnologue LANGUAGE ADDED. These are very important changes that need to be added to all the other portals like the Spanish, Korean, Indonesian, French and Portuguese portals. If there is someone on your portal team that can do this work, which is great. However if your team is small right now, don’t worry, you can continue to focus on translation, which is the most important priority. Later your portal team will grow and you can ask someone to look for the updates on the English profiles. We want Etnopedia to grow to a larger project and still be easy to use, translate and update profiles.

The way you should add notes to the summary is here in the Summary box. (See the graphic below). Major changes should be all CAPITOL LETTERS so that these changes are noticeable in recent changes. Also look on Recent Changes in your portal it is very helpful.

New DevTalk Section:

Recently we added a new page to Etnopedia so that you can see what we are doing related to technical advancements of Etnopedia. This is different than News because most visitors will not want to know all of this.

You can find the link on the English Community Portal under Socials.

New Profile Translations:

The Indonesian portal began to translate recently! They have 40+ profiles, Welcome Bicara and Toto! This will be wonderful that Indonesia has their own profile project as many new missionaries will be going out to the Unreached peoples!

The Korean portal has also finished 150 people profiles!! Praise the Lord for all your labor. Korea has a huge missionary movement that needs Unreached people information in their own language.

The Spanish portal has a new team member! She working on translation of profiles. Her name is Minevz. She has been a tremendous help and has translated almost 100 profiles into Spanish. She is translating profiles that have never been in Spanish before.
The French portal team has a new translator Amy! Thank you Amy for all your hard work. Many countries around the world speak French as their national language. Also other Languages can translate from French such as Swahili.

Ralph Winter – Champion for the Unreached Peoples

Ralph Winter recently has gone to be with the Lord. He was truly someone who changed our world and will be dearly missed. He was always trying to help others see the need to reach Unreached peoples. He invented the terms Hidden peoples and Pocket peoples. (Peoples that are unknown to most of the Church. Peoples isolated without access to the Gospel of Christ.) We are carrying out this same vision on the Etnopedia project. Every team member is also a Champion for the Unreached peoples. Read about Ralph Winter in the new Mission Frontiers Magazine on line here:

Keep the Vision for the Unreached / Hidden / Isolated Pocket Peoples and Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Many blessings in Christ for all your effort for the Unreached peoples.