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*About This New Website For Team News And Encouragement
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About This New Website For Team News And Encouragement

You are at the new website for Etnopedia translation and research teams. This site is for team members to get news and also read articles related to the work. The idea here is that we don’t clutter up with Team News or take away the focus of the Etnopedia Technical Forum. Our hope is that by creating this format, team members feel more connected and are encouraged by the vision of like-minded individuals.

Many forces are at work trying to convince us that focusing on unreached peoples is of no great value. This is just not true. It is extremely important that we keep our eyes on Christ and know that finishing the task of world evangelism in every tongue and tribe is His TOP priority and not something some theologian dreamed up. So if you want or need encouragement from time to time, come here.  There are some very good articles on this site that have been a great blessing to me. I read them when I need to get back on track. So I hope they will be a blessing to you.

The Vision of Etnopedia

As I was putting the various articles onto the Info site, I thought much about what Etnopedia’s strengths are. They can be summarized in to three categories:

1. Unreached Peoples
2. Open / Free
3. Neutral / No Ministerial Affiliations

I think these three pillars make Etnopedia unique.

1. Etnopedia is all about and only about Unreached Peoples. More specifically all unreached peoples, including smaller peoples no matter the population or if they are tribes or clans speaking the same language as other tribes. Also Etnopedia has a strong emphasis on Bible translation status. Our team knows from 10 years of field research that Ethnic peoples without a translation of the Bible  most often have a weak church and may not even know Christ at all. I am concerned that the research movement does not have a very good system in place to gather Bible translation status from the more than 20 organizations around the world doing Bible translation. It would be good to think about this.

2. Open, Etnopedia is the only open research project on unreached peoples inviting Christians from all walks of life and many languages to participate. Free, Etnopedia is not for charge and will never be, not only because of our commitments to so many who donated information, but because we feel the information is too important to restrict even a small number of people from having access to it.

3. Neutral in that Etnopedia has no strict misiological viewpoint or definitive research model. Our model (if you can consider it a model) is to keep it as simple as possible. We have a simple three-color scale and hold a loose definition of “People Group”.  The simplicity of Etnopedia is what makes it so useful. Simplicity is a key concept if we want to see our work used in the mobilization of missionaries, even more so if we want people from around the world to participate in the project. No Ministerial Affiliations allow our project to stay focused on all the abovementioned concepts; focused on unreached peoples, open, free and neutral.


I was encouraged the other day to read some of Ralph Winters mottos in life. The more I read about him the more I like him and feel that our project has much of that same Vision. I remember Ralph Winter constantly reminding his sphere of influence about unreached peoples.

Here are the quotes I read:

“Never do anything others can do or will do, when there are things to be done that others can’t do or won’t” – Dawson Trotman (founder of The Navigators, a big influence on Winter in his youth)

“You do not evaluate a risk by the probability of success but by the worthiness of the goal” – Dr. Ralph D. Winter

“Nothing that does not occur daily will ever dominate your life” – Dr. Ralph D. Winter

“If it is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly than not at all” – Dr. Ralph D. Winter

“You can get a lot done if you don’t care who gets the credit” – Dr. Ralph D. Winter

Share and Contribute to the Team News

I did not expect non-team members to be interested in the Team News. I guess this is a good sign. So share the news with others if you want to. Send an email if you want to add someone to the mailing list. Put SUBSCRIBE TO TEAM NEWS or something similar in the subject.

If you would like to contribute to the Etnopedia Team news just post a comment below adding news from your part of the world.  If you want, I think it would be good for you to post your comments or experiences so that others hear from you. There can be an unlimited number of comments to the news. So please share thoughts and encouragement related to your work on Etnopedia so that others can benefit. New team members will likely read through the old news. Use your username if you like. Your E-Mail will not be published in your comment but is required to comment. SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR COMMENTS.  General Comments on Etnopedia: I will open a new article called “Others Comment on Etnopedia” for those who just want to make a general comment. The Team News, is specifically for team members to comment about their work and related thoughts.


If your portal is just starting, keep in mind that the categories are an important part of Etnopedia. The Spanish portal has a good example of categories. They are not as complex as the English portal so they would be easier to follow.

If you have over 100 profiles it would be good to make categories for the countries in which those peoples live. Making a country category is the same as making a profile except you have to put Category:Page Title (in your language) to create them. Read more here in your language.

Expanded Help Section

We have expanded the help section on Etnopedia English portal. See it here

Blessings in Christ to everyone!

Team Members, Add your News and Comments Here: