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In This Issue:
bulletPortal Teams are Busy
bulletEtnopedia receives a donation and Ethne09 in Colombia
bulletFighting the good fight of faith!
bulletBible Translation Status Changes
bulletCountry Categories

Hello everyone. There are exciting things happening on Etnopedia in these days.

Portal Teams are Busy

The German portal has translated 1,200 people profiles and the Spanish portal has translated 2,200 people profiles. The Korean portal has translated 170 profiles and the Indonesian portal has finished 70 profiles!

Etnopedia receives a donation and Ethne09 in Colombia

Etnopedia received a donation this month. With it, we have purchased some promotional materials that will be displayed at the Ethne09 Meeting in Colombia the first week in November. Two people will be present at the Ethne09 meeting promoting and speaking about Etnopedia. We are hoping that a Brazilian portal team will form from that meeting. It is a world meeting as well so we may see a new language portal come as a result.

Here is a small version (right) banner we made for the Ethne09 meeting. You can have this file if you want to print your own banner. The original is 24″x62″ and is 20MB so you will have to download it here.

Fighting the good fight of the faith!banner_team_news

There were some comments on the last newsletter to this phrase; “Many forces are at work trying to convince us that focusing on unreached peoples is of no great value.”

What we all need to realize is that Etnopedia is not just a people profile website. It is a strategic ministry where we are all taking territory back from the enemy. The enemy wants the church to remain unaware of the truth of unreached peoples. We are changing this.

Every people profile we translate is one more piece of the enemy’s territory we take back. Every profile in another language makes vital information available to the Church so that the Great Commission can be fulfilled. Therefore we need to stay encouraged and keep fighting the good fight of faith and move forward.

One day in the near future we will see all the unreached people profiles translated into many other languages and being used in the mobilization of thousands of new church planting and Bible translating missionaries. So be encouraged!

1 Timothy 6:12 – Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Bible Translation Status Changes

Take great care when changing the Bible translation status. Many times researchers assign a language to an ethnic people profile according to known (classified) languages.

However in some cases the ethnic people profile states that the people speak their own language that has “not” been classified. This is especially true in China and Southeast Asia. I recently spoke with an expert in SIL and he mentioned that there are at least 300 languages in China and Southeast Asia that are not classified and are not in the Ethnologue.

The people profile has been assigned a language that “is” classified when in fact that people profile speaks a language that has “not” been classified. Thus we may see that a Bible translation exists when it really does not. So read the people profile carefully and look for these indicators:

Mainly, does the description mention that the people speaks a language that is not intelligible with the commonly assigned language? Is the profile in China or Southeast Asia? Do you see ” *Map is the ethnic people map, not the language map” in the References section?


”’Language:”’ Most people erroneously believe Huayao Tai is a term used merely for social distinction within the Tai Lu, but Huayao Tai language and self-identity are strongly separate. Where they live near Tai Lu, their language seems to have changed to accommodate communication with the Lu, but the speakers of more isolated Huayao Tai villages have great difficulty in communicating with other Tai speakers.

Part of the problem is our fault because the Language section was not uploaded into the profile because the source was not used to create the profile. We need to add these languages sections into the profiles. We apologize for this. We also need to check through about 300 people profiles to verify them. I think the problem only exists on about 50 profiles and may not have a change. I am working on a plan to check them by the end of the year. Anyone want to help?

The great thing is that Etnopedia can easily be changed. I think I will add a new summary: BIBLE TRANSLATION STATUS REVERSED. This will help you see that you need to reverse the changes on your portals.

Bible translation status is very important on Etnopedia because it not only tells us where that work needs to be done but it also helps to mobilize new Bible translating missionaries.

Country Categories

It is usually a good thing to start translating the country categories after you have about 100 people profiles. This is not a priority but helpful to visitors who may want to look at the people profiles in a specific country. The country pages are small so you can do them a few at a time and keep focused on people profiles.

If you want to start these, translate the countries that exist on your people profiles so that they can be seen. Also translate the categories in your language.

A good place to go to see the country spelling in your language would be Wikipedia in your language. Also use the word “Category:” in your language. This creates the page in a separate table called categories. This way the count on the front of you portal is only people profiles and not the countries.

Here is an example in three languages:ía:Afganistán

You may see symbols appear:

These are called Unicode and used so that accents and other characters can be linked properly. They generate automatically.
Be blessed in Christ for all your diligence and know that your labor is not in vain.