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Hello everyone – In This Issue:
bulletEtnopedia promoted at Korean and Mexican Conferences
bulletPossible New Team Member
bulletNotes of Encouragement
bulletThe New Bengla Language Portal
bulletHuge Advancement in People Research

Etnopedia promoted at Korean and Mexican Conferences

Duane F. attended a conference in New York State in December where 3,000 Korean Youth and Leaders met. He says “The second day I was able to give a 5-minute presentation of Joshua Project and Etnopedia, calling for Korean-language involvement for both projects. I was able to make some contacts for both projects. One Korean leader has already translated resources from the JP “Download” page. OM Canada will be featuring Etnopedia in an upcoming ¼ page “ad” in their magazine. I trust we will see fruit from people using these two projects, but also committed to contribute to both as well.

Etnopedia was also promoted at the COMIMEX annual meeting in Oaxaca Mexico in January. There were about 400 in attendance and many people now know of Etnopedia in Spanish. We also have two new possible translators for the Spanish portal.

Possible New Full Time Team Member

While I was at an Amazon Consultation in 2008 I met a young man who is interested in joining the Etnopedia team full time. He has recently confirmed this vision and will be coming to our office in March with his wife. Pray that they get everything together to come and help out.

Notes of Encouragement

We are well aware of Etnopedia and know what a tremendous resource it is. We will certainly encourage prayer mobilizers to use it and to feed into it where they can. Thank you for all you are doing to encourage prayer for the unreached. May the Lord bless and encourage you in your work. Miriam and Wayne

New Bengla Language Portal

There is a person in Bangladesh who is interested in translateing into Bengla. Pray for him and that he is able to put together a team.

Huge Advancement in People Research

Recently there has been a huge advancement in people research. A major research effort has committed to make changes that will help data sharing between people databases more accurate. I will post more detailed news about this later. This is a significant breakthrough not only for Etnopedia but others sharing data between their databases. There is also a meeting planned this year to talk about this and related issued. We plan to send a representative of Etnopedia to this meeting. It all has to do with the Harvest Information System ROP standard. ROP is the “registry of peoples” which is a unique number that identifies the people in a database. Etnopedia uses these ROP numbers so that people can match the profile with a people in their database.

For example, you can add the HIS ROP number into the search of Etnopedia also checking the talk (discussion page) box.


This tells the users of the HIS ROP that the Abaza people is the same in their database.  There is much work to do refining these numbers, however the research movement is one more huge step ahead in collaboration. Praise the Lord!