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Hello everyone – In This Issue:
bulletEtnopedia to be promoted in Tokyo 2010
bulletHow to add your Etnopedia portal on Facebook and Twitter
bulletNotes of Encouragement from the portal teams
bulletAdvancements on Etnopedia
bulletPray for the Bengali and Tamil Portals and the Research Movement

Etnopedia to be promoted in Tokyo 2010

We have found a person to represent Etnopedia in Tokyo. He will be taking the promotional materials to the conference. Pray that we find new translators at this conference. Also pray that those who do not speak English will find out about Etnopedia in their language.

How to add your Etnopedia portal on Facebook and Twitter

The purpose of this is so that your portal team can send a people profile every day or so in your language to all your followers of Facebook and Twitter. A few months ago it occurred to 4JC that Etnopedia should be promoted on Facebook with it’s own page. I agree, as so many Christians spend a lot of time there. So I found that you can update Facebook and Twitter at the same time with an application called Ping. I can go into Ping and type a link to a people profile every day and all the Facebook fans and people following Etnopedia on twitter get this message.  I have tried other services and Ping seems to be the easiest to use and also adds the photo to Facebook posts. See examples here:

I suggest that all the portals set up these three accounts for Etnopedia in their languages.
1. Facebook Page (not personal account but a page). I think you do need a Facebook personal account to set up a page. Once you have a personal account and a page – then become a fan of your page.
2. Twitter account (The Etnopedia username is taken so you could add one like the Spanish portal and use EtnopediaEs. For example, you could use EtnopediaDe or EtnopediaKo.
3. account. This is where you can add messages that automatically update your Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. First add your Facebook (personal account) first then add your Facebook (page) then your Twitter account. Don’t forget to become a Fan of your page within your personal account. Then set up

Here is the tricky part. A.) In your Ping settings for your Facebook personal account, you will only check one box in the “Connect to Facebook” settings.  Check “Upload and post photos to feed”.  B.) In the “Mange your Facebook Pages” settings you will check four boxes: 1.)  EtnopediaXx (your username) 2.) Status updates, 3.) Upload and post photos to stream, and 4.) Post links to stream. Then you are done. Add your twitter account also. Then on your dashboard you should disconnect your Facebook personal page so that it is “Not Posting” . Take the check box out of status updates in your Facebook personal page settings. Do all this is that order. By doing this you will not get posted twice on your personal wall. The Etnopedia personal Facebook page in Spanish has over 1,500 friends so the Spanish portal coordinator began yesterday promoting the Etnopedia Español Facebook page to 100 people. Today they have 20 fans. These fans will now receive an unreached people profile in Spanish with the photo every time he posts one to his Ping Dashboard. I suggest one every day, and don’t forget to add the link to the profile in your language. The only down side to Ping is you only get 145 spaces. But This is all people will probably look at anyway. We don’t want to give people whole profiles, we want them coming to the Source, Etnopedia. This is where they can find more and updated information. If you decide to add these social to your portals, send me the links to your Facebook page and Twitter and I will add them to the multi-lingual page. See example for English and Spanish:  I am including the graphics we use if you want them.

Twitter logo Facebook page logoThe .org is spaced away from the name so that your thumbnail just shows the globe and Etnopedia. Click “Edit Thumbnail” on the picture once you have uploaded it.

If you want to add the links and icons to your Etnopedia front page or contact page,  they are in globals and are called Facebookicon.jpg and Twittericon.jpg. Also Twitter_tiny.jpg and Facebook_tiny.jpg

Notes of Encouragement from the Portal Teams

Indonesian Portal Team: We are happy to see some progress in the Indonesian portal, despite all three contributors are very busy. There are now 90 people profiles, most of them are from Indonesia, but there are also people profiles from 44 other countries. From the beginning of the portal there 5100 page views, that is not much, because up-to-now Etnopedia is not yet known in Indonesia. Please, pray that the number of writers can increase and the number of readers, who will use it for their intercession for the peoples in this world. visit the Indonesian portal here:

German Portal Team: There is good news, the German portal is growing each day, with new profiles, but also profiles are up-dated, also in many discussion pages of the country pages are vital information from a Christian perspective, because German readers cannot move to Mission Manual or other Christian web-sites to get back ground information, because most of this material is in English. We are thankful, that there are few, who have contributed first-hand data about peoples. This is an enrichment, but we hope and pray that more contributors will be ready to provide first-hand data. Visit the German portal here:

The European ESMA Conference was on 18-21 March 2010 in Germany. ESMA stands for European Students Mission Association; this is the organization of the student mission prayer fellowships at the European theologian seminaries. There were 150 participants from the member schools, one even as far from St. Petersburg. We were asked to have a workshop on mission prayer in English, translated into French. On Friday and Saturday night George Verwer, OM, spoke about “Vision for Mission”. On Saturday night I was been asked to start the evening to present the challenge of the UPGs and about the tools the Prayer cards of the Joshua Project and the Etnopedia. We thank you for all prayer support. At least a number of the students got a new vision about worldwide mission. I tried to challenge some French speakers to get involved, but there was no response. Two or three mission organizations have promised to look into Etnopedia and then to add or correct profiles, if necessary. I hope they will do it. In my presentation I opened Etnopedia on-line and showed some profiles and the links. Some were quite enthusiastic about this project.

Spanish Portal Team: We have a person translating new Spanish profiles. We also have a new Facebook page and twitter page like the English portal. The Spanish Facebook site is: and the Twitter site is:

Advancements on Etnopedia

This past month we have been working on English profiles as well as new changes to Etnopedia.

We have added code that allows you to see more than 200 peoples in the category pages. It is now 500. For example, when you click on the China category, you can see all 400+ people profile links. We added this to the English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, and Korean portals.

We have also cleaned up the Disambiguation articles to show “related peoples” on the main disambiguation page and not on each profile. This will cut down on the code translators have to add and make updates easier. See: and

We added the “Etnopedia Language Portals” page so that people can see which portals are needing translators. They can also see the progress. See:

We have also added IPhone skins to the five most active portals. If your portal does not have the IPhone skin let us know and we will install it. If you want to see Etnopedia on your mobile you can create a user and change the skin in your preferences. Choose the Chick skin for most all mobil devices and the IPhone skin for your IPhone.

Pray for the Bengali and Tamil Portals and the Research Movement

Pray for the two new portal teams that they are encouraged and break through that initial spiritual barrier. An estimated 77,000,000 people speak Tamil and 230,000,000 people speak Bengali. Imagine the impact! It is a tremendous spiritual battle to translate your first people profiles. So we pray for you! Every people profile in your language takes back enemy territory. Every profile has the potential to create much needed prayer and awareness for unreached peoples. I was reminded this week of the tremendous impact of all our ministries when peoples from Iraq and Iran were translated into German and Spanish for the first time. More than 95,000,000 Latin Christians and over 100,000 German speakers have these people profiles in their language for the first time. Now they can pray and consider going to them. Your work is very important to the missionary movement! Many times a portal starts with only one or two people. Push forward and translate your first profiles and promote your project. God will bless your efforts.

We need to pray for the research movement as well. These are the people who are making this vital information available to us so that we can translate it. They have many struggles and obstacles to overcome. There are many peoples in the world that are not in anyone’s data and need to be added. It’s very complicated.  This is part of the spiritual warfare they face every day, so please keep them in prayer.

Be Sensitive to Missionaries and Christians on the field.

Please do not put specific information about Christians and or mission agencies and missionaries on the people profiles in any language. This helps keep the people groups and mission workers safe.

Learn About MediaWiki – the software that powers Etnopedia

The Wikipedia Foundation is offering full scholarships to go to Poland where you can learn more about MediaWiki. You can apply and tell them you are working on Etnopedia and give them the Etnopedia email contact as a reference.  Wikimania conference in Poland July 9-11 2010