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Hello everyone – In This Issue:
bulletEtnopedia to be promoted at Lausanne Cape Town
bulletNew Version of Etnopedia on the way
bulletEtnopedia presented at the HIS meeting
bulletVisit to Joshua Project
bulletWhat is Etnopedia?

Etnopedia to be promoted at Lausanne Cape Town

Pray for the promotion of Etnopedia in Cape Town South Africa during the Lausanne 2010 meeting this year. We will be sending our materials to Lausanne praying that every participant will receive a Etnopedia card. Pray that people visit Etnopedia to get the vision for unreached peoples firstly and secondly to get the vision to participate in the translation effort.

New Version of Etnopedia on the way

MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and Etnopedia has a new version.  It also has a new design which Wikipedia says is much better for navigation and editors. You can see it here  If you login to Wikipedia you can see the new editing interface.  We have been exploring the logistics to update to the new version for about a month.  If everyone agrees to update Etnopedia, you will still be able to use the old design if you choose it in your preferences. The old design that we use now is called Monobook. The new design is called Vector and will be the default that visitors see, unless you choose for them to see Monobook on your portal. We can still update to the new version and configure your portal to use Monobook as the default. The new version should be faster and more efficient. It also allows users of Wikipedia to automatically know how to navigate the Etnopedia site. We will be doing testing this month and ask for your prayers that all runs smoothly. We will let you know the exact dates that we will switch to the new version so you can pause your editing. We should be updating the new versions in the first week of October unless there are some of you who are not in agreement. If you have any reason that you do not agree with updating please let us know and we will communicate it to the other portal administrators. We are also looking into bots that allow us to do cleanup work on Etnopedia automatically. It is a part of the MediaWiki technology that we haven’t had time to take advantage of until now. For example one bot adds the inter portal links. If your profile has one link to another language portal, it will automatically add all the links to your profile and to the others.

Etnopedia presented at the HIS meeting

HIS is the Harvest Information System which are codes the help to link research efforts together. This years meeting will be this month in Colorado. Many missions researchers will be at the meeting including an administrator of Etnopedia. We will have 15 minutes to share about Etnopedia to the entire group. Be in prayer also for all the meetings as the research effort is so vital to specific missionary sending.

Visit to Joshua Project

Etnopedia and Joshua Project have a good relationship. The two projects share information and link to one anothers and have been working together for many years. This month an administrator will visit the Joshua Project and talk about how we can work more closely together. Please also be in prayer for these meetings. The HIS and Joshua Project meetings will be the last two weeks of this month.

What is Etnopedia?

For those who are new to this newsletter. Etnopedia is an open, free, Christian project to translate unreached people profile information into many languages. It has many unique qualities opening the unreached people translation and research process to the global Christian community. Country and regional research efforts can now promote unreached peoples in their language. Join the Etnopedia community today and start a portal in your language! Visit

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Visit for the news, articles on unreached people research and some new videos posted on a missions message with music.

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