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Hello everyone – In This Issue:
*Etnopedia attended research meetings
*Etnopedia to be promoted in Cape Town 2010
*What’s new in the portal upgrades?
*One of Etnopedia’s Champions needs our prayers
*Pray for the new language portals and a larger global team

Etnopedia attended research meetings

One of Etnopedia’s community coordinators attended three research meetings in Colorado Springs last month. Two weeks were spent discussing how to improve the flow of information as well as how to work more closely together. The meetings were very positive and there is a sense of renewed unity and joy to move forward. The outcome will be that Joshua Project will link directly to the language profile from their website on all language profiles we have. You might ask how will all that be done? Well, it wont be easy but we are working on ways to make it as painless as possible. Another outcome of the meeting is that Etnopedia will continue to improve its ROP3 codes that link us to other global people lists. These are found on the discussion pages of the profile. Each people in the world has a unique code. If we all use these codes it helps to clear up confusion between databases. Another outcome of the meeting: It is possible that Etnopedia will be presented to other research movements  in 2011. About 30 minutes was given to present Etnopedia to the entire research group of about 20 people. All the latest ideas were shown such as:
Disambiguation pages:
Merged peoples:
Possible duplicates:,_Fulani
Alternate views:,_Fulani
Country snapshots:
Tribes, clans and castes:

Etnopedia to be promoted in Cape Town 2010

A representative of Etnopedia will be at the Lauanne World meeting in Cape Town this month. We are praying that all 5000+ attending the meeting will receive information on Etnopedia. We are praying that several new portal teams start their translation effort. Please pray with us.

What’s new in the portal upgrades?

Etnopedia runs on the same software as Wikipedia. This provides us with the latest technology and stability to run simultaneous translation efforts from around the world. We have upgraded all the major portals to the newest version. We will be upgrading the others in the next few days.

New Vector Skin: If you are a registered user you can change your skin in your preferences. Visitors will see the new interface by default. The new skin is called Vector. Vector should be faster, easier to navigate. It also provides advanced drop down of query suggestions that come from the people names in your database. To use the new skin Vector you need to enable it in preferences >  appearance.

Easier Editing: In your preferences under the Editing Tab you can choose some things that will help you.

Enable enhanced editing toolbar: If you choose this you will see the new advanced editing features. The interface makes it easier for beginners to use. It also allows special characters and tables tab menus.  However you will not be able to edit maps. The Map button disappears. To edit maps take the check mark out and you will be able to use the old interface with the map edit button.

Warn me when I leave an edit page with unsaved changes: Check this box and a message will appear telling you to not navigate away from the page before you save it. If you place a point on a map it will ask you if you want to navigate away from the page, click yes and you will be taken back to the map.

Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary: This is another new feature you might want to check.

You may need to change some of the URLs in your side navigation bar: Some page names may have changed in the new version:
Visit  Change the xx with your language portals code, e.g. de=German ta=Tamil etc. You can visit the en=English link to see how it was done.

There are many other new features that you may find helpful. We upgraded the portals to make the project faster, more stable and secure. The new features are just an added benefit and we hope you find them useful. Let us know if you have any questions or problems with the new upgrade.

One of Etnopedia’s Champions needs our prayers

Silas is one of Etnopedia’s principal contributors and promoters. He especially has worked and promoted the project in Europe and South East Asia. He is in the hospital with cancer right now. Please pray for him and his family during this time. We also need others to rise up where he is unable to continue right now.

Pray for the new language portals and a larger global team

Also continue to pray for the new portals as they fight a spiritual battle to move forward. Our efforts are like the stones in David’s bag. They do not kill Goliath, but strike the blow that will allow new field missionaries to place the sword of the Word of God into the heart of the enemy. Unreached people information in other languages has the potential to provide a strategic evangelization plan to the missionary movement. You are all part of this vital effort. Be encouraged in your ministry knowing the Lord is with us. (1 Samuel 17:1 ff )