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Hello everyone – In This Issue:
*German portal completes 2,000 profiles!
*French portal has a new translator!
*Etnopedia listed in the new Operation World
*Tips on creating profiles – Easier coding of pages
*Prayer Requests

German portal completes 2,000 profiles!

The German portal has hit a landmark by translating over 2,000 unreached people profiles! The German portal began in about may of 2008 with a small team. Their team has grown to around five people over the past two years and they now have one of the largest people profile projects in the world. Congratulations and blessings to the German team!

French portal has a new translator!

Welcome Kristin to the Etnopedia community! Kristian began translations in late November and now has translated and updated 8 profiles in French.

Etnopedia listed in the new Operation World

Etnopedia was added to the new Operation World. You can find it’s link on page 926 under Global or People Focus. You can order a copy here:

Tips on creating profiles – Easier coding of pages

Etnopedia now has the new version of the Wikipedia software and with it comes some options that make it easier to create profiles.

*We no longer have to put underscores in the links ( _ ) . All links can be created without underscores.

Categories no longer need the underscores:
Before – [[Category:Thailand’s_unreached_peoples]]
Now – [[Category:Thailand’s unreached peoples]]

Language portal links no longer need an underscore:
Before – [[de:Faili,_Pahlawi]]
Now – [[es:Faili, Pahlawi]]

When making references, be sure to put the <ref> tag next to the reference with no white space.
Example: They inhabit an area known as Frisia.<ref>[ Wikipedia]</ref>

When creating related peoples links we no longer need to put the people name before and after, unless your people link is different than the page name.
Before – [[Pear, Eastern|Pear, Eastern]]
Now – [[Pear, Eastern]]
If your page link is different than the People name, create it like this:
[[Pear, Eastern|Pear, East]]
The first half is the link to the profile, the second half is what appears on your page.
[[True Article Name|This page links to the true article name]]

When using templates on pages you no longer need to put the word Template in the code.
Before – {{Template:Stub-Class}}
Now – {{Stub-Class}}

Using the country in the people title:
I created a profile last week with the country name in it.
Loko of Sierra Leone []

We only do this on special circumstances when a different people group with the exact same name exists in another country. These peoples are not the same nor are they are not migrants, they just have the same name. There is also a Loko people group in Papua New Guinea. So when their profile is created it will be the “Loko of Papua New Guinea”. The only reason we do this is because on Etnopedia you can’t name the article the same name. I estimate that there are only about 25 cases like this in 10,000+ known peoples in the world. In most examples we can find a good alternate name or use the language name so that we do not use the country. We should not use the country in the name unless absolutely necessary because the people can move or the country could be incorrect. Mostly because we are promoting unreached peoples, not countries.

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for Silas from the German team. He is still in the hospital needing a miracle.