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Hello Everyone!  In This Issue:
*Introduction of New Team Members
*Indonesian Team completes 300 People Profiles!
*New Language Portal – Telugu
*Upgrade of Etnopedia’s Mapping System
*Questions on the Process of Updating and Translating People Profiles
*New Mapping System
*Prayer Requests

New Team Members

Those of us with Etnopedia hope you all have been having a blessed beginning to your 2011.  It has been a while since we have had an Etnopedia News Issue; however, it is largely related to some exciting news for the Etnopedia global team.  We have been extremely busy since the arrival of a new couple in our office, Diego and Margarita.

Our new researcher, Diego, comes to the team with an advanced background in mapping as he has a Master’s degree in Geography.  Much has been accomplished within Etnopedia during his time of training.  Several weeks were spent just looking into the Etnopedia systems and deciphering needed solutions to some problems.  We have also been working on a complete people group list for Nepal and Colombia.  Nepal continues to be a top priority, as there still remain so many peoples groups who are unreached.  We are also serving to bring fresh data for Colombia, as there should be an issue coming out on the unreached groups of Colombia in the Global Prayer Digest for 2012.

Margarita has taken on the role of all communications within the Etnopedia community.  Reach out to her for any questions or needs.  She has also taken over the role of recruiting new translators.  Please be praying with her as she seeks to recruit new translators for both the French and Korean Etnopedia Teams, as both teams need more help.

Indonesian Team Completes 300 People Profiles!

We were so encouraged to learn that the Indonesian Team has recently completed over 300 people profiles!  It is often difficult to get the momentum going when beginning a new language portal, and we are so excited to honor their accomplishment.  Please continue to pray for their team to remain encouraged and be strengthened.

New Language Portal – Telugu

Two men from India recently requested and volunteered to translate people profiles into Telugu.  Telugu is the 3rd largest spoken language in India and reaches approximately 77 million people.  Please pray for these gentlemen to break through the difficult barrier of translating their first people profiles.  Please also pray for the Telugu church that many laborers would be raised up as the access to people group information increases in their language!  Visit the Telugu portal here:

Upgrade of Etnopedia’s Mapping System

We are one step closer to reaching our goal of compiling a complete dataset of the geographic location of each of the world’s ethnic people groups, the first of its kind ever!  This information, in the form of polygons drawn on a map, will continue to be provided from the field  or by members of the Etnopedia team.  The map is specifically designed to identify missionary sending needs.  It will not only help direct missionaries to unreached people groups, but show where they are located in relation to other people groups with missionary sending needs.  Please pray as we move forward with this groundbreaking endeavor.

Questions on the Process of Updating and Translating People Group Information

Many people have asked why Etnopedia does not update or translate people group information automatically within the language portals.  An article has recently been published to answer these questions.  It can be read at:

Prayer Requests

  •  For Diego and Margarita as they continue to learn and adjust to their new roles within the Etnopedia community
  •  That the Indonesian Etnopedia Team would continue to be encouraged and strengthened
  •  That the Telugu Etnopedia Team would overcome the initial difficulties of beginning a new language portal
  •  For the completion of people group lists for Nepal and Colombia
  •  That the upgrade of the mapping system would be ever impacting to the missionary sending movement through new available information