Etnopedia News


Hello everyone! A lot has happened this past year in Etnopedia.

It has taken almost 18 months but we finally have the Etnopedia Mapping Project going. It is unique in the research community in that our community can allow anyone from anywhere in the world to make a people group map. We are in the process of creating manuals but right now if you want to map your country or just help out, send us an email and we will help you get started.

Our translation team is growing slowly but surely. I have always wondered if Etnopedia should be growing faster. Many times others have suggested that we open Etnopedia up to Google. But I think the Lord is bringing the right people along at the right time. A tall building is built on a firm foundation. So this past four years has been foundation laying. Now we have many peices of the puzzel i place.

When doing research on unreached peoples or just creating profiles it is very important to look at all aspects. The data, the people profile information and the map. The people profile information is very important. If we just look at a spreadsheet or database table we are missing much information that can clear things up. I believe we had documented about 2,500 changes needed to the Joshua Project database after we finished translating 1,500 people profiles into Spanish. These changes were obvious if you just read the people profile.

We are finding now that the map is also bringing much more clarity to the people research.

2012.06 Pray for the new Chinese translation team to begin!

2012.02 Now you can see full people lists although not all have profiles. See: Countries and look for this icon .
2011.07 Upgraded to a faster webserver to better serve visitors and the Etnopedia community!