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Hello Everyone!  In This Issue:
*New Way Of Looking At People Groups
*New Mapping System Online
*New Portal Teams
*New Server and SoftwareHello everyone, We try not to bother you with news until there is news. So we finally have some. Etnopedia continues to grow in profiles translated and community members. We are steadily moving forward in both the translation work as well as streamlining the way Etnopedia works. One of our latest developments are the new country pages and the new mapping system!

New Way Of Looking At Peoples Groups

Normally Etnopedia has ethnic peoples grouped in country categories. Now we are moving toward complete people list page that show the level of reachedness as well as the profiles that need to be added. Red links are people groups that are searchable but do not have their own page yet. This solved a lot of problems as we wanted to display reached peoples without making a page for them.

See this example of our new China page:

This country pages show the people groups known to exist in China with their scales of reachedness and the date e.g. [2013] which is the last year we had information from a reliable source. This page also shows the new China map which allows you to zoom in and see the related people names. This page shows all the countries of the world. Each one with a grey icon has a complete “known” people list. You will also see sections such as, peoples with a significent population in this country, and possibly extinct people groups. All the names are searchable. If you click on Algeria, you will see the complete list of Algerias peoples. This does not include the French, the Han Chinese or other groups that are obviously everywhere in the world.

You will also see the scale and year it was updated to a reliable source. This allows us to create complete people lists from all the sources available and not need a record in the database for reached peoples.

The New Mapping System

Finally our new mapping system is running. The community has made over 600 maps. Four people are working on it making maps on the peoples Russia, China, the Amazon and Mexico.

What makes this mapping system different from traditional people group maps?

  • The people group polygon is colored so that visitors can see the reached status visually. 
  • The map has all the other related people groups around it.
  • The maps are made on one file. You can zoom out of the people group map and see all the other groups in that country.
  • Community members can make maps from anywhere in the world.

See the example of the Gepo people map on this profile,_Eastern

See the example of the China country map here.

The ethnic people map is not anywhere near complete, join the community today.

The New Portals

Pray for two people in the Ukraine who are translating Russian people group profiles into Russian. Pray for the Chinese portal to update their research on their people groups form the field. There are 380 people profiles in Chinese. Pray for the new team members on the Spanish and German portals.

New Server and Software

Etnopedia now resides on a brand new Core I7 dedicated server running the latest Wikipedia software.  For those who have not seen the Etnopedia video visit it here.

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