GCOWE 97 Advances A Church For Every People

During GCOWE 97 a list was unveiled of 579 ethno-linguistic peoples from the original Joshua Project 2000 list of 1739, who did not have a reported church planting effort underway. As a result of GCOWE 97, of the 579, only 172 remain unclaimed for any kind of commitment to church planting by December 31, 2000. This came after pledges made at GCOWE 97 by: 1) the African national initiative leaders who committed to church planting and 2) the mission executives who committed to encourage their mission agencies to church planting.

Please pray for these 172 unclaimed peoples listed below, that mission agencies, churches and individuals around the world will be raised up to send and support a church planting team to be operative by December 31, 2000.

As of June 1997, AD2000 data reflected that, of the original Joshua Project 2000 list, 579 of the 1739 peoples were without a reported mission agency church planting effort in their midst. AD2000 data was based on the results of a survey conducted over the year ending June 1997, resulting in the submission of more than 25,000 pieces of information received from over 450 distinct mission organizations from over 80 countries.

This is an incomplete and an imperfect picture! However, it is a starting point toward ensuring that there is a church planting effort targeting the least reached peoples. The selected list of unreached peoples called “the Joshua Project 2000 list” includes those more than 10,000 individuals with less than 5% evangelical and 2% Christian. Several groups have smaller than 10,000 and others which exceed the percentages. As new information becomes available the list is being updated.

This in no way implies that these peoples have been reached or that the task is even close to being “done” among these peoples. From the beginning of the launch of the Joshua Project 2000 in December 1995, the goal has been to see, at a minimum, a church planting team and a church planting effort resulting in a life-giving church of at least 100 believers in one or more reproducing fellowships among every people on the Joshua Project 2000 list. This does not mean that the AD2000 & Beyond Movement is responsible for this progress. However, we can praise God that we are nearer to reaching that objective than imagined less than two years ago. Let us pray and work together to the end that there can be a church for every ethno-linguistic people by the year 2000. It can be done, it ought to be done, it must be done — with your help.

The list of the 172 peoples

Country People Name Language.
Azerbaijan Tsakhur (Caxur) Tsakhur
Brunei Bisayan Tutong Tutong
Brunei West Coast Bajau Bajau, West Coast
Burkina Faso Bolon Bolon
Cameroon Afade Afade
Cameroon Baldamu (Mbazia) Baldamu
Cameroon Duli (Dui) Duli
Cameroon Gulfe (Gulfei, Malgwe) Malgbe
Cameroon Kotoko (Moria, Bara) Lagwan
Cameroon Mada Mada
Cameroon Mefele Mefele
Cameroon Ngomba Ngomba
Cameroon Ngossi (Gevoko) Gevoko
Cameroon Njeng Njen
Cameroon Wuzlam (Uzam) Wuzlam
Chad Bideyat (Beri) Bideyat
Chad Bidio, Bidiyo Bidio
Chad Bilala Naba
Chad Daza (Dazagada) Dazaga
Chad Kajakse Kajakse
Chad Kibet, Dagel, Mourro Kibet
Chad Kotoko-Logone Lagwan
Chad Kuka Naba; Kuka
Chad Mararit, Abu Sharib Mararit
Chad Marfa Marfa
Chad Mimi (Amdang, Mututu) Amdang
Chad Shoe, Mpade Mpade
Chad Sinyar (Shamya) Sinyar
Chad Tama (Gimr) Tama
Chad Zaghawa (Zeghawa) Zaghawa
Cote d’Ivoire Baraca Bissa
Cote d’Ivoire Indo-Pakistani Hindi
Cote d’Ivoire Kono Kono
Cote d’Ivoire Krahn, Western Krahn, Western
Ethiopia Koma, North (Kwama) Koma, North
Ethiopia Koma, South South Koma
Ethiopia Nara (Barea, Barya) Nara
Ethiopia Zayse Zayse
Fiji Bihari Bihari
France Gascon Gascon
France Kurd, Northern Kurmanji
France Mandyak (Manjaco) Mandyak
France Wolof Wolof
Guinea Koranko Kuranko
Guinea Kunante (Maswanka) Mansoanka
Guinea Loko (Landogo) Loko
Guinea Mandyak (Manfaco) Mandyak
Guinea Mankanya (Mancanha) Mankanya
Indonesia Batin Batin
Indonesia Konjo, Pesisir Konjo, Pesisir
Iran Turkmen (Turkomani) Turkmen
Japan Kunigami Kunigami
Japan Oki-no-erabu Oki-no-erabu
Japan Ryukyuan, Southern Miyako
Japan Toku-no-shima Toku-no-shima
Japan Yayeyama Yayeyama
Kazakstan Ingush Ingush
Laos Black Tai (Tribal Tai) Tai Dam
Laos Brao (Proue, Love) Brao
Laos Bru, Western (Vankieu) Bru, Western
Laos Central Khmer Khmer Central
Laos Cambodian Cham Cham, Western
Laos Chinese Shan Tai Nua
Laos Han Chinese Chinese, Yue
Laos Han Chinese (Mandarin) Chinese, Mandarin
Laos Kantu (High Katu) Kantu
Laos Katang (Kataang) Kataang
Laos Kui (Sui, Old Khmer) Kuy
Laos Lao Phuan Phuan
Laos Lor Lor
Laos Muei Tai Muei Tai
Laos Pacoh (Bo) Pacoh
Laos Punoi Phunoi
Laos Red Tai (Tribal Tai) Tai Daeng
Laos Saek (Tai Sek) Saek
Laos Sila Sila
Laos So (Kah So, So Makon) So
Laos Thai (Central Tai) Thai
Laos Upper Taoih (Taoy) Ta’oih, Upper
Laos White Tai Tai Don
Malaysia Banjarese Banjar
Malaysia Bengali Bengali
Malaysia Bisaya (Sabah Bisaya) Bisaya, Sabah
Malaysia Buginese Bugis
Malaysia Butonese Butonese
Malaysia Butonese Wolio
Malaysia Gujarati Gujarati
Malaysia Minangkabau Minangkabau
Malaysia Punjabi Panjabi, Eastern
Malaysia Sama, Central Sama, Central
Malaysia Sama, Southern Sama, Sibutu
Malaysia Sinama, Northern Sama, Balangingi
Malaysia Sindhi Sindhi
Malaysia Tausug (Sulu, Suluk) Tausug
Malaysia Tidung (Nonukan) Tidong
Malaysia Urdu Urdu
Papua New Guinea Buin (Uitai, Uisai) Buin
Papua New Guinea Imbongu (Imbon Ggo) Imbo Ungu
Russia Abaza Abaza
Russia Agul (Aguly, Koshan) Aghul
Russia Andi (Qwannab) Andi
Russia Chukchi (Chukot) Chukchi
Russia Chulym (Melets Tatar) Chulym
Russia Lak (Laki, Kumux) Lak
Russia Rutul (Rutal, Mukhad) Rutal
Sao Tome Crioulo Crioulo, Gulf of Gui
Senegal Gusilay Gusilay
Senegal Jahanka (Diakhanke) Azer
Senegal Kasa (Casa) Jola-Kasa
Senegal Mandinka Mandinka
Senegal Ndut Ndut
Somalia Gosha Zigula
Somalia Gosha Kamba
Sri Lanka Punjabi Panjabi, Eastern
Sudan Anuak Anuak
Sudan Atwot Atwot
Sudan Awlad Mana Zaghawa
Sudan Burun (Barun, Borun) Burun
Sudan Dar Fur Daju Daju, Dar Fur
Sudan Ghulfan (Gulfan) Ghulfan
Sudan Gimma Gimme
Sudan Gule (Fung, Hameg) Gule
Sudan Gumuz (Debatsa) Gumuz
Sudan Ingessana (Tabi) Gaam
Sudan Jumjum (Wadega) Jumjum
Sudan Kanuri Kanuri, Yerwa
Sudan Katla (Akalak) Katla
Sudan Kenuzi-Dongolese Nubi Kenuzi-Dongola
Sudan Kimr (Gimr) Tama
Sudan Koma, Central (Komo) Koma, Central
Sudan Maba (Borgu, Mabang) Maba
Sudan Masalit Masalit
Sudan Midob (Meidob, Tiddi) Midob
Sudan Mima Mimi
Sudan Rufaa (Rufaiyin) Tamazight
Sudan Shatt (Daju) Shatt
Sudan Sungor (Assagori) Sungor
Sudan Tagale (Taqalawin) Tegali
Sudan Tagoi (Moreb) Tagoi
Sudan Tama (Tamongobo) Tama
Sudan Temein Temein
Sudan Tira (Thiro) Tira
Sudan Tornasi Tornasi
Taiwan Malay Malay
Taiwan Uighur Uyghur
Tanzania Mambwe-Lungu Mambwe-Lungu
Tanzania Maviha (Mawia) Maviha
Tanzania Punjabi Panjabi, Eastern
Thailand Bengali Bengali
Thailand Bru, Western (Baru) Bru, Western
Thailand Hkun (Khun) Khun
Thailand Kui (Suei) Kuy
Thailand Nyaw (Yo) Nyaw
Thailand Punjabi Panjabi, Eastern
Thailand So So
Thailand Talaing (Mon, Peguan) Mon
Turkmenistan Azerbaijani Azerbaijani, South
United States Papago Papago-Pima
Vietnam Flowery Meo Hmong, Western
Vietnam Hani Hani
Vietnam Highland Yao (Myen) Mien
Vietnam Khmu Khmu
Vietnam Man Cao Lan Man Cao Lan
Vietnam Muong (Thang, Wang) Muong
Vietnam Nhang (Giang, Dioi) Nhang
Vietnam Pacoh Pacoh
Vietnam Red Meo (Meo Do) Hmong, Red
Vietnam Red Tai (Thai Deng) Tai Daeng
Vietnam Tho (Tai Tho, Tay) Tho
Vietnam Tsun-Lao Ts’un-Lao
Vietnam Upper Ta-Oy (Kantua) Ta’oih, Upper
Vietnam White Tai Tai Don

By Luis Bush