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About Inter-portal links

Note: When making a profile, can you place the inter-language links in alphabetical order please? Just use the language code as your guide. I am trying to correct all these on the English portal as I have made this error too. The reason for this is that when there are profiles in 15+ languages one day it will be easier to see and find your language link.

Example of correct:




Example of incorrect:





Question 1 – Do you want people to be able to edit the German portal without a user account? That is the way it is configured right now. Anyone can edit profiles without logging in.

I you do not want this, I will change your settings so that people have to create a user and confirm their email address in order to edit the German portal.

I did not install the captcha software yet, I wanted to see if this change eliminated the spam first.

Extensions to MediaWiki are not supported and sometimes not stable. So I would rather wait untill the new Mediawiki version includes captcha.

Question 2 – I am thinking of putting a fund raiser on Etnopedia in order to upgrade our servers and add more security and memory etc.

Do you think I should do this? If so, let me know please?
Question 3 – How is the speed of the server from where you work? Is it fast? Do you have to wait?

>From where I am working the servers are fast, I also have a very fast Internet conection though.

I am always concerned about people who have a dialup conection.

Bless you and all those on the German portal!