Research Chatter

Newly Identified People Groups in Pakistan

When researchers talk about new people groups, they are not new but have always been there. They just have not been identified. This is a comment from one researcher about Pakistan which has increased in the number of identified peoples from 389 to 455. So 66 newly identified peoples are added to the missionary task. As we at Etnopedia have always said, our people group number is only about 70% complete. We need more researchers and more importantly, more missionaries..

Gentlemen,  What happened concerning the number of UPG’s in Pakistan?  Why has it increased from 371 to 440?  Look forward to hearing from you.

It’s encouraging to learn that people are looking closely at the data.

Our data for South Asia (including Pakistan) comes from a researcher who periodically he sends us a new set of his data.  The data we received recently shows an increase of people groups in Pakistan from 389 to 455, and the Least-Reached count increased from 374 to 440.

The main explanation for the increase is that he broke out 64 Jat communities to become people groups in their own right which had in the past been subsumed within the large “Jat, Muslim” people group.

He feels this same process could legitimately be applied to several other South Asian people groups, that many so-called sub-groups could properly be treated as main groups. He did a similar thing to the Brahman groups in India recently, causing our count to increase substantially.