5 Intentional Ways To Count For Zero


Today there are 2.3 billion believers today who call themselves followers of Jesus. There are 5 million churches, 43,000 denominations and over 12 million full time Christian workers, yet 99.7 % of all ministry financial support goes to building and maintaining the existing Church.


Hijacking “Unreached”


Can the meaning of one term hinder the spread of the Gospel? The term “unreached” was made popular by mission leaders seeking to prioritize ethnic people groups with little or no exposure to the Gospel. Today, the term has become a catchword used by all kinds of ministries that do not necessarily focus on unreached […]


The Most Abominable “Word”


The term “unengaged” is the most offensive in missionary terminology. It is a blatant acknowledgement of the missionary community’s refusal to fulfill the minimal apostolic prerequisite of being present among all peoples and beginning the work of gospel proclamation.


The Enormity Of The Unfinished Task Demands Less Of Us


Did you know there are 6,000 unreached people groups, numbering nearly 3 billion souls? And by unreached, I don’t mean your neighbor across the street that hasn’t heard a clear gospel presentation, but could if you would cross the street. I’m talking about people who couldn’t find a Christian if they tried.


From Conflict 
To People Group Focus


When an obscure Arab citizen of Mecca claimed to have met a spirit-being in the year 610 CE, the world could never have imagined that this man, under the influence of that spirit, would birth a religion that today numbers about 1.6 billion adherents, twenty percent of the human race.


Looking Back At How God Called Table 71 Into Existence

Research Chatter

I remember as if it were yesterday the Amsterdam 2000 meetings. I was facilitating a small group seated at Table 71 in the middle of a room of 600 missions executives and strategists. We were considering a special part of the challenge of fulfilling the Great Commission – getting things started in the remaining unengaged, […]