The HIS Database – by Carey Wallace

In the new millennium accurate and up-to-date information on the peoples of the world will be essential if the Body of Christ is to succeed in bringing the Gospel to every people, tribe and tongue. The missionaries of the global Church will need high quality, up-to-date information on who and where these peoples are, who is working with them (if anyone is), their status of evangelism, and other related information necessary to see disciples among every people.

The vision of “HIS” (Harvest Information System) is to provide this information directly with links to information through a standardized system of coding for types of information such as peoples, languages, religions, geographic areas, etc.

The ultimate goal is to provide the whole Body of Christ with as close to real-time information as possible. In order to fulfill this vision, HIS requires the establishment of a worldwide network of informational sources which can provide accurate information from the mission fields of the world.

Patrick Johnstone, author of Operation World, has commented, “I am delighted with the HIS initiative and fully endorse the need for such. We should bequeath to the Church of the 21st Century the full challenge. I believe we now have the attention, interest and concern of many Christians, and we now also have a commonly agreed set of terms and categorizations to make the complicated analysis more practicable.”

The HIS database is in the early stages of development. A prototype is currently being built with the goal of providing a demonstration model for early this year. For the HIS database to work as envisioned, it will take the involvement of the whole Body of Christ around the world.

We are not yet ready to accept information from thousands of sources. We do, however, want to encourage people around the world to begin learning about the “HIS” vision and partner with us, both in developing this tool and in developing a network of cooperation. The quality of the information that “HIS” will contain will directly relate to the number of individuals, churches and agencies worldwide who will work together to set up the database and provide the information that is crucial to coordinated efforts toward completing world evangelization.

To help you become involved with the “HIS” vision, we want to invite you to become a part of the current discussion group on-line to learn more about the “HIS” vision and how you can help.

Mission Frontiers (, Jan 01, 2000, Volume 22:1.