Research Chatter

“Unreached Peoples” A Passé Concept?

A friend recently visited the U.S. Center for World Mission (late 2009) and asked a simple question to some of the centers staff and ministries. Here are a few of the responses to the question: “Some people say the concept of “unreached peoples” is a passé concept. What would you say to that?” 

“Unreached peoples is not a strategy, it is a biblical concept.”

“The unreached is not the only focus. But it always has been and always will be an important focus because there are unreached.”

“(The unreached people concept) is still an issue, especially for the global south”

“(The concept) is not passé; it is successful and is a drum being beaten.”

“Has the Bible changed?”
“(The Unreached are) people being cut off from the message.”
“(The Unreached are)Beyond the scope of the existing churches”
“It is a 4,000-year-old concept.”

“Intermediate Steps”  ???
“It is a practical reality, whether or not the watchword is passé.”