Why Duplicate Articles

I’ve been collecting articles on people group research for a while and wanted to accomplish a few things:

1. Offer a place for the Etnopedia team to read these articles without having to surf the sea of information to find them.

2. Bring key articles together in one place.
a. Many articles are only available in PDF, or
b. They are on large sites containing other unrelated information and not easy to find.

There are many articles I haven’t seen.  Send them if you can! 

We want articles on these topics:

1. Unreached peoples, people group focus.
2. Research on unreached / ethnic peoples.

You will also find a unique section on this site called Research Chatter where we add conversations and ideas that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet. These we have gathered through personal conversations, meetings and emails during the process of developing Etnopedia.

If you find your conversation here and want it removed, just let us know.  If you have suggestions on how to organize this site or any other suggestion, send an email.